I am looking for the default brushes from older Photoshop versions. Where can I get them?

I am particularly interested in brushes 112 and 134 from the screenshot below.

enter image description here

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Yes! it's in by default but just hidden

  • Select Brush by either brush tool or b

  • Right click to open brush manager, on top right corner you'll find little gear.

  • From there select "Legacy Brushes" and boom your brushes will be restored! You can find them in Default Brushes under folder names Legacy brushes.

enter image description here


You can actually select Windows > Brush Presets

  • Brush Presets Dialog Right click on top corner to select Preset Manager
  • From Preset Manager select your specified brush type 112, 134 and load
  • Loaded brushes will be seen now.

Below screenshot for your reference.

enter image description here

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