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I have downloaded an asset that shows as the picture attached. Blurry colors

The image is slightly warped with the warp tool (U) (may not be the correct translation as English is not my main language).

I wonder how could be this done, as I'm double clicking it but I'm unable to get deeper in layers. Is it an imported picture?

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In latest versions of Illustrator, a option has been added to gradients. It allows you to color an area from points. You can add as many as you want, apparently. You give each one a color and move them around, giving the size of each one.

If you want to use this option, it is located in the gradient panel, the third type, being the first one lineal gradient, the second radial gradient, and the third one the one that will allow you to create a picture very close to this one.

  • The gradient mesh? – Emilie Aug 22 at 18:43
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    I don't know what the name in English is, as my program is in Spanish, but it looks like so. – Germán Aug 23 at 8:10

I assume you have an image and you want the effect like that. If you don't have image, you just want that look, following method might work for you.

You can use Filter > Blur > Guassian Blur to any image, if you have Photoshop.

Or Effect > Blur > Guassian Blur in Illustrator.

For example, I applied it on Pepsi's Logo:

enter image description here

You can apply it to any image, depending on which colors you want in your output.

Also, it seems a raster effect. I would personally do it in Photoshop instead of Illustrator.

  • He/She's asking about Illustrator though. – Scott Aug 22 at 12:42
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    No, this is not what I'm asking, I mean, the colors should be vectors after all. I've found a tool though. I don't know if that was done with it but I will post my own answer. – Germán Aug 22 at 14:20
  • Good. You didn't mention you need vector. So I didn't I think you need something like this. – Vikas Aug 22 at 15:57

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