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If you want to routinely cut an image using guides (always the same positions?) and save the results, I 'll suggest:

  1. ofn-preset-guides. This lets you define set(s) of guides that you can add to your image (with a single keystroke if you define a shortcut).
  2. ofn-layer-guillotine: works like "Slice using guides", but slices a layer into multiple layers
  3. ofn-export-layers: exports to file all layers in the image

If your image has several layers, you'll have to flatten it (or a duplicate) first, or use Layer>New from visible and work on that new layer.

All these scripts are available here. The ZIP contains the script and a short documentation.

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To save image in Gimp. File menu > Save For Web.

enter image description here

Follow this link for automating GIMP with scripts

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