I am trying to save illustrator art assets using the inbuilt Layer/Group hierarchy to determine the save location and file name. I believe this requires some Illustrator script.

In this case I have a hierarchy as follows:

Layer -> Sublayer -> Group -> Paths

The group level objects are the desired art assets. I would like to save files at the group stage grouped by folders such that each asset is nested in a folder with the name of its parent and grandparent giving a file directory that would read:


Furthermore I would like the name of the group's parent to be able to be prefixed to the art assets file name, giving a file directory that would instead read:


The asset export tool does not appear to have this functionality.

I have included an example of the desired results below.

Illustrator Hierarchy

Desired folder structure - inside the layer folder

Desired folder structure and first filename option - inside the sublayer folder

enter image description here

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