I have Adobe CS5 64 bit on a Windows 64 bit computer. It used to work fine then today when I opened it to do some colour correction, the colour picker suddenly does not display the right colours, and I cannot set a foreground colour.

Colour picker colour issue:
This is the colour picker colour range when I double click on the foreground colour box. As you can see, it does not show the normal range and does not include the black and white.

Current default foreground photoshop colour picker, there is no black or white

The background one has a similar issue but shows a different set of colours: Background colour picker

Additionally, it does not display the right colours even when I set the right settings. Here is a screenshot comparison of my colour picker on the right and a screenshot of a colour picker used in a tutorial online, on the left. Note that I have set all the numbers and percentages to match the one in the tutorial: Colour pickers compared photoshop

Trying to set foreground and background colours:
When I select a colour from the colour swatches on the right, even if the foreground colour box is active, whatever colour I select only changes the background colour. My work around is select a colour I'd like for the foreground then since it is applied to the background, manually switch the background and foreground colours around.

Since I cannot select the foreground, this meant I could not change the colour of the text I was typing: I typed the right side (it was red by default, I did not choose it), then typed the left and then highlighted it, then selected a colour to differentiate it from the red text. However, the colour I chose got set as the background colour in the colour box (not to the actual image), meanwhile, whatever colour I had as the foreground colour got applied to the text.

Any insights would be helpful, thank you.

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You have the G color channel selected (from R,G,B). The screenshot you're following has the H selected (from H,S,B). Click on the H radio button and you'll see the exact same color preview. You must have clicked on it by accident.

Note that it doesn't change the final color you select; look at your last image and you'll see the color values are exactly the same - even the color in the "New" box is exactly the same no matter what you select.

  • This is the right answer. The UI is just showing a different 'slice' of the color space. That's what the radio-buttons are for. Commented Sep 2, 2019 at 22:44
  • omg thanks for that, I can't believe it was that simple. But, the second issue - unable to select a foreground colour, hasn't been solved yet. Any ideas on that? Commented Sep 4, 2019 at 1:39

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