Either in FontLab or Illustrator (probably in Illustrator is best), how do you take a glyph such as the following, and automatically (or semi-automatically) make the curves and corners more "serif" style so it has more "sharpness".

enter image description here

In FontLab, going to Actions > Effects > Sharpness, it doesn't do anything really. Sometimes it kinda does some sharpening, but it's not very good.

I don't have a specific style of sharpening I'd like, but just something that takes a curvy or Sans-Serif style and can make it more sharp appearing, with potentially serif features.

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  • Welcome to GD.SE - Please look through tour to get a sense of our community – who we are and what we’re about. Then look over How to Ask and How to Answer a question to see what makes a good query here, and how best to frame it. As initially posted, yours is both a very broad query and somewhat unclear - in FontLab, Illustrator, Affinity Designer et al, the thing which primarily determines corner radii sharpness / curve details is how you draw it , and secondarily how you then maneuver the control points / handles after the fact to shape those curves, and that's seldom easily automated. – GerardFalla Sep 4 '19 at 20:07

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