Is there any way to create editable tables using Adobe illustrator ? I would like to populate the table rows and columns with data from an excel sheet.

Things I have done so far :

  • Created a text document from the excel sheet and imported it in illustrator.
  • Formated the text in to rows and columns using spaces.
  • Created a custom table illustration using rectangle tool in the background.

Limitations :

  • Couldn't achieve required table cell spacing as the tab spacing increment by 8 spaces.
  • Couldn't edit individual columns.
  • Too much effort is need for large table datas with too many columns and rows.

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Illustrator is just not built for the volume of tables and formatting you need. Better look at InDesign for this: https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/creating-tables.html


Since you have excel, I assume you have PowerPoint.

You can create a table in PowerPoint, add your information into that, then you can copy/paste the entire table into Illustrator, and it will translate it into paths.

Even the text will be editable in Illustrator so this is a good way to get a general table size and number of rows/columns. Then you can continue to edit the table however you want using Illustrator tools.


I built one i dunno how useful it would be for others

here is a link to a video I made showing how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HDY3C3Sww8

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