Does anyone have experience selling a typeface they've made? What are some foundries that buy from individuals? Any advice? Asking price? It's a full set of glyphs with some ligatures. Thanks!

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MyFonts is the big hitter in the small foundry / individual designer arena. Check out the 'How to sell your fonts' page.

Look around their site and see how comparable fonts are priced. It's hard to say without seeing the style of the font and the level of drawing/programming quality. That said, $29 - $59 is a normal range for a single font.

Submitting your work

Foundries or individuals wanting to sign up should send the following to signup@myfonts.com:

  • A short text (50-100 words) presenting yourself and/or the foundry. This text is for internal use, once accepted you can submit a new text for public use.
  • Finished font files of the typefaces you wish to propose. You can submit up to 10 type families, but 1 will also do. The typical number of first-time font submissions is 1 to 3 families or single fonts. Your files will exclusively be used for review until your foundry is accepted and an agreement signed. As a rule, new fonts are released in OTF and/or TTF OpenType formats.
  • Not mandatory, but it can be helpful: A short descriptive text (10-50 words) about each font family.

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