I have experience working with Visio, where distribute is not same as align, distribute horizontally will make results like that: IsIsI (I - image, s - space). However, as I've read docs on Gimp about distribute gimp-tool-align

These options work as Align options, but you can can add an offset and new options are available to distribute sources evenly.

And answer to this post on SE evenly-distribute-text-diagonally-along-the-whole-image-in-gimp answer said that additional script is needed.

What is the purpose of distribute buttons of GIMP? Offset option could have been added to align buttons for same effect as far as I can see. I could not find arrange-layers script in bundled plugins, seems to me a nice thing to have in the package.

  • Is the answer you quote, the mention of arrnage-layers is link to page where you can find it. To dot the i's and cross the t's, arrange-layers is here, and doc is here. – xenoid Sep 8 '19 at 23:15

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