i'm working on indesign and i'm fairly new but i am trying to type something and it shows up like thisenter image description here

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    Check tracking, kerning, etc.. all the Character Panel (Window > Type & Tables > Character) – Scott Sep 10 at 21:16
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    Do you have a very tiny text with stroke applied? – Wolff Sep 10 at 21:40
  • Yes, text with stroke for sure. BTW, why is this question closed? Are we not here to help? I'll never understand this closing topic politics... anyway... – Vinny Sep 12 at 11:30

One's thing's for sure there's nothing wrong with your InDesign, but likely some type-related setting that brings characters on top of each other. Could be many possible reasons for this, so hard to give a clear answer. Look at:

  • character stroke
  • character kerning, tracking
  • language settings
  • try changing the font to Arial, the actual font file you're using may be broken

Ultimately, restore your default InDesign preferences:

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