I've been searching on internet but with no success... I have a old Fujitsu ST5020D Wacom Penabled tablet pc. As you know, a 1ghz Celeron + 256MB RAM wouldn't fill my needs as working on Adobe Master Suite tools.

Is there a way to work on my ST5020 as a external Pen Tablet, working as a input/output device for my computer running Illustrator & Photoshop?

As summary, is there a way to turn my ST5020 into a Cintiq like tablet?

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I have a project that does just this. (With a slightly different model tablet). See here .

The steps include:

  • installing four pieces of custom software on the main Windows PC: a virtual network serial port, an alternate Wacom driver, a VNC server, and a batch file to simplify connection.
  • replacing the operating system of the tablet PC with a custom .ISO by the author, based on Linux Slitaz. NB: THIS WILL DESTROY ANY DATA ON YOUR TABLET'S HARDDISK - so only do this if you're happy for your tablet PC to be used only as a Cintiq like tablet
  • Awesome! I wonder - do you know if your software would work with one of the new Windows 8 Cintiq Companion tablets, enabling it to be plugged into a PC and used like a regular Cintiq? I know that a lot of people are shunning the Cintiq Companion because after a few years, once the RAM/processor are obsolete and the battery has conked out, it becomes essentially useless: this could make them more versatile and give them more re-sell value Jan 13, 2014 at 12:28

Cheap Cintiq alternatives - tablet PCs with digitizers? covers similar ground, and points out that you could use more lightweight tools (perhaps older versions of Adobe tools would work too) or use the laptop to remotely access a more powerful PC (presumably using VNC, Remote Desktop Protocol, or similar)


The trouble with VNC solutions are that they won't transport the pen information (such as pen pressure, if the the pen is touching etc.) The method here actually shares the tablet PC's inbuilt wacom digitizer over the network as a virtual serial port, thus the desktop recognizes it as a digitizer tablet. VNC is then used to push the display back to the tablet PC (which is then scaled) creating 'true' cintiq type experience. There is a video of it action here. It can be used over wi-fi as well. Software is all GPL/Free.

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