I am planning to create an app design for "Google - Pixelbook 12.3 Chromebook" in Adobe XD.

Google Pixelbook density is "hdpi (1.5x)" and the screen resolution is 2400 x 1600 (235 PPI) as per device specification.

My question is: What artboard size should I use to create the app design?

I checked with "introspect app" and it displays 1600 x 1067 screen.

Screenshot of Introspect app from google pixelbook

I checked the https://whatismyresolution.com website and it's showing 1200 x 800.

screenshot of whatismyresolution.com from google pixelbook

So what size do I have to use?
(2400x1600) or (1600x1067) or (1200x800)?

If the app is developed in native or hybrid do I have to create the design accordingly?
If Yes, then what size for Native and Hybrid?
(I believe the Hybrid development as like HTML code)

I find Google Material Guidelines/Cheat Sheet for a mobile apps but I am not able to find any guidelines for tablet design. If you have any guidelines can you please share with me?

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    Why not just make your app responsive? Then you don't have to worry about specific sizes, just breakpoints. – Luciano Sep 18 '19 at 8:16

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