Disclaimer: I don't want someone to DO MY JOB, I want a reference as to what techniques I could employ to make my art look better. If you send me your art I'll gladly check it, but I want to improve myself as an artist, not copy-paste.


Hello, stackers! I'm another one of those indie dev folks who have a sugar rush for quick solutions regarding artsy content.

Thing is: I am willing to learn how to do pixel art because it's too damn cute. And as my first challenge, I tried to make a slime enemy!

From what I saw in spriters' resource, there's only really big slimes or real tiny ones*... I couldn't find slimes in between 16x16 and 32x32 pixels without a face (https://www.spriters-resource.com/)

So I'm coming here to humbly ask: how can I make this guy look better? The challenge I'm facing is that I have NO CLUE how to make the spikes look spiky without completely messing up this fella's "blob" shape.

tl;dr - I want my green friend here to have both the blob shape of a slime and some dangerous-looking spikes coming out of them.

REMINDER: I don't want someone to MAKE ME A NEW SLIME, I want a reference as to what techniques I could employ to make mine look better.

Here is my spiky slime

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    I think it looks fine as is and conveys the slime and spikes well. – Scott Sep 24 '19 at 1:07
  • I think it still looks a bit blocky, but I honestly have no clue how to fix it.... I'm considering increasing the tile scale from 32 to 64.... But still would prefer it to be more like 32.... any other ideas? – 5Daydreams Sep 24 '19 at 15:50

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