Recently, lots of websites are using a new design method/language which combined from flat shapes with semi gradient style and flat human bodies?

eg: atlassian.com


enter image description here

What is the name of this design language?

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    Possible duplicate of What's the name of this flat illustration style? – Zach Saucier Sep 30 at 20:46
  • Hello Pouya, your question has been put on hold as unclear. This is to prevent people giving an answer to a question that is not actually what you wanted to ask. Could you please edit you question to include more information, such as screenshots and examples of the exact style? And maybe look around the site for the names of similar styles and tell us why you don't think those fit? Thanks so much. Feel free to browse the site, ask more questions, answer questions and upvote quality content. – PieBie Oct 1 at 8:33
  • @PieBie But my question is clear and simple: what is the name of the method/design language which has semi-gradient shapes and human body shapes? – Pouya Jabbarisani Oct 1 at 12:03
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    There's no name for it. Somebody came up with this style, then many people replicated and now all these startup websites look like a template :) – Lucian Oct 1 at 12:49
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    @Lucian so then its "Late 10's startup style" – joojaa Oct 1 at 13:45

Don't know exact name for design language but each company name their design system or design assets as their design language Like google name their material design as their design language. And the things about which you're asking these are illustrations.

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