Is there a way to dynamically use the document name in export?

For instance, I have artboards named Square, Horizontal, and Vertical, in a document named Design. When exporting, I'd like filenames to be Design %ArtboardName%. Or, is there a way to mass change artboard names?

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Dynamic naming while exporting might be a little complicated: I believe you'll need to create the whole exporter as a script this way. However mass change artboards names is super easy with scripting. For example this one will change all artboards of the document to DocumentName ArtBoardName

var docName = activeDocument.name.replace(/\.[^.]+$/g, ""); // getting the active document name without an extension
var i;

//for each top-level layer set (an artboard or a group)
for (i = 0; i < activeDocument.layerSets.length; i++) {
    //rename it to docName layerSetName
    activeDocument.layerSets[i].name = docName + " " + activeDocument.layerSets[i].name;

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