Can anyone help me find this script font? I have googled or use 4 or more font identfiers already, couldn't find, very urgent.

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  • Although I believe the answer given is correct, a word of advice: you have done a good job of separating the letters in the script, but for identification sites/software to work there has to be sufficient separation for a bounding box around each character not to include any of the next. That is, there must be space for a vertical line between each character. In your image, every character overlaps its neighbours, and that will cause difficulty with automated recognition. – Andrew Leach Oct 12 '19 at 8:16

It's not a font, the difference between the same characters is too small to be an alternative glyph design and too different to be the same character of a font.

Check the two "i" and "o".

enter image description here

The hardness of the stroke suggests that these are characters made manually, scanned, traced and mounted in a vector drawing program.

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