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So I'm trying to create a stroke out of an S, and am using the normal blend tool trick to get a path down the middle but all I'm getting are these off lines that only start and end in the right place.

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Blending gives often unexpected results if the blended paths have different amount of nodes or they are distributed differently. An example:

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In the left there's 2 paths which are separated from a S. In the middle there's a succesful midline generation with blending. In the right there's an unsuccesful attempt after editing a little one of the paths. The halves have radically different node distributions.

You can try the following alternative tricks:

1) Offset path

2) give to one of the disassembled halves a half-width stroke and disassemble it

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    Ah yes that must be it. Was driving me crazy. Thanks!
    – Dean
    Oct 8, 2019 at 14:53

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