Sometimes, (and there never seems to be a discernible pattern when this will happen) Photoshop will make any additional artboard beyond the original artboard greyed out.

Here's what happens:

  • Create new File OR open existing file
  • Select layers and create Artboard from Layers
  • Select Artboard in Layers panel OR by clicking with select tool OR clicking (+) beside artboard
  • Alt + Shift + click and drag to make a duplicate (or any other duplicating process)
  • The resulting artboard is greyed out. Original artboard is normal.

I can still edit all the content in the greyed out artboard, but it definitely does not look right.

Has this happened to anyone else? Have I mistakenly toggled on some setting that I can turn off?

Photoshop CC 20.0.3

Here's a screenshot of two artboards side by side: Original and duplicated/greyed out one.

enter image description here

  • Since posting this, I've made a new file about 5 times now. Same settings each time. And each time, the new file still has this issue. FINALLY the last one I made is working normal. What the heck? – NashvilleDesigner Oct 8 at 14:32
  • 1
    Contact Adobe if you feel you have found a bug in their software. – Scott Nov 8 at 15:05
  • "Bug" is defined as unexpected behavior which can be reproduced given a set of procedural steps. – Scott Nov 8 at 17:04

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