I just wanted to know what the, preferably UK law, is for editing typefaces, the actual letter forms and using them in a logo for commercial use. I see the practice done a lot but I just want to make sure it's legal and safe to do this for commercial use.

Would also be helpful i could get some guidance in what types of licences allow you to do this, so TrueType, Opentype, OFL etc


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  • Legal questions are off-topic; this is the graphic design site. – Luciano Oct 9 at 13:18
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    I don't think this site can provide you with a trustworthy answer. But just a hint: truetype, opentype etc. are not different licenses, but different file formats. Opentype doesn't mean "open source". – Wolff Oct 9 at 15:24
  • This really would be better asked on Law. In particular, the attempted licensing of many fonts is far more restrictive than is actually permitted by British law; but you are actually creating a derivative work. – Andrew Leach Oct 12 at 7:58

Do you want to use the edited font just for the logo or do you want to sell the edited font as a new font?

Most freefonts provide the right to use it as a logo but not to change font itself.

What are the differences between OFL and Apache License for fonts?

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  • It would just be to use as a logo, not to sell it. Obviously I would charge the client for the design of it but other than that, no selling. And yes, I know it's a graphic design but as I'm just getting into commercial roles I needed advice on what is safe and not get into trouble – designza Oct 10 at 7:58
  • Just to clarify, sell as a one time purchase to a client for a logo with a modified typeface not to resell as a standalone typeface, so a flat vector image, – designza Oct 10 at 8:28

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