Is there any difference between the three besides that the brush and pencil are much more flexible than the pen?

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Pen tool - Precise placement of anchors and control over curves

Pencil Tool - Freeform creation of disjointed paths.

Brush Tool - Freeform creation of disjointed paths with automatic application of brush appearance

Blob Brush Tool - Freeform creation of a brush path suing a calligraphic brush which will auto-expand when the cursor is lifted, leaving a shape rather than a stroked path

There are not vast, major difference on the whole. You can use the Pen Tool to draw a path and then apply a brush stroke to that path.. so...

It's not designed to be "one tool for one specific task". It's merely a set of tools to allow the user to draw/create in the manner they feel most comfortable with or the way they feel is most useful.

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