The weird circle I've created...

As you can see in the picture the circle is fine everywhere except for the weird stuff on the right. Any idea how I can overcome this?

The thickness needs to be 0,01mm (0,028pt) and the stroke needs to be centered because the design is for laser cutting.

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  • are you sure it's not just a video glitch? Have you zoomed in/out, checked outline preview (ctrl+y)? – Luciano Oct 10 at 11:29
  • @Luciano Hmm, the outline preview seems to be correct. So it's probably just a video glitch then. – Roy van der Lee Oct 10 at 11:43
  • In that case there's nothing we can do to help, also your file is fine – Luciano Oct 10 at 11:44
  • 1
    In Illustrator click View > Preview on CPU. If that fixes it, then the problem is with probably with your graphics card. Next, try updating your graphics card driver, and in Illustrator switch back to the GPU preview. Please note tech support questions are generally off-topic here. – Billy Kerr Oct 11 at 0:07

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