How would one replicate this effect? I've tried transforming a stripe by rotating and scaling it, but it just doesn't have the clean edges of this spiral.

enter image description here

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Bottom Layer

  • Make a pattern brush with a triangle
  • Increase the spacing

brush 1

  • Use the Spiral Tool to make a simple spiral
  • Stroke it with the top brush

spiral 1

  • Place a black circle on top (semitransparent in the image below)


  • Cut the spiral, select the circle and make a mask pasting in place the spiral


Top Layer

  • Duplicate the first brush and reduce the size and spacing from the brush options window

second brush

  • Make a second smaller spiral following the first spiral path and stroke it with this second brush (red in the image)

second spiral

  • Mask this second spiral with an irregular shape following the first spiral edge

second mask

  • Place a centered small white circle on top


Adjust the brushes size and spacing to get te desired result

  • Superb tutorial Damielillo. Amazing really. Ace!
    – vizuality
    Commented Oct 26, 2019 at 1:04

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