I'm pretty new to all this so bear with me.

I want to print a portfolio for a school assignment and I want it to be saddle-stitch binding. I also want the Portfolio to be A4 landscape. I've seen a lot of A4 portrait saddle stitch options but not any for landscape. I did a test run. It ended up cutting the pages in half to fit a portrait template. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

also when printing is there a specific paper size I need to get to achieve this specific design.

thank you.

  • This is always a bit tricky to automatize in inDesign. And you might have a problem with the paper size. To make A4 landscape saddle stitch you need to be able to print on paper which is 594 x 210 mm. That's a large sheet. A3 can only be used for A4 portrait saddle stitch. Do you see what I mean? – Wolff Oct 12 at 12:10
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    If you only have access to A3 print, you have no other other choice than to print ordinary front/back (not booklet) on A3 and cut the pages individually. Then you'll have no binding but have to find a way to keep the sheets together :-(. A commercial print shop would be the easiest solution. – Wolff Oct 12 at 12:25

Here's a solution.

Resize the width so it fits within A3/A3+ longer side size (420/450mm).

The printers can not print to the edge, so you need to subtract 1cm from the width. Now you get a maximum width of 440mm. Let that be your longer side. Resize the shorter side proportionally.

You will end up with your original design scaled down for some percentage.

Remember to arrange your pages properly.

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  • Hi and welcome to GDSE! Have you seen my comments on the question above? The OP wants saddle-stitch binding, so it's necessary to print as spreads. But A4 landscape spreads doesn't fit on A3. – Wolff Oct 20 at 11:52
  • Hi Wolff! Thanks! Yes, I've seen it and what you say makes sense. 297 times two is equal to 594mm. Yes, it's large and does not fit on A3+. That's why I'm suggesting to resize it a few percents so it fits on the A3+, so you can print it with no problems. Or to find a place where they can do larger sheet printing. – guest2000 Oct 20 at 14:40
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    Yeah OK, but it has to be resized to about 74% scale then (440 / 594). – Wolff Oct 20 at 14:46

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