Can you have 2 Krita windows open on 2 monitors at the same time showing the same file?

Basically i have a windows tablet device that is a monitor in a drawing position and an ultrawide screen monitor in a heads up position just behind it. I want to be able to see some tools on one display those relevant to mouse and keyboard, and some tools relevant to stylus usage on the tablet whilst editing a single file.

I've achieved a similar setup in blender previously, just wondering if anyone knows any way to make this happen in Krita? thanks

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Yes you can have two windows of the same file in Krita.
The steps to achieve what you want is:

  1. Go to Window → New Window. This will open a second window of Krita's interface.
  2. Move the newly opened window to your other monitor, then in the new window go to
    Window → New View and choose the file that you want in the list.

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