I'm an Android developer and I'm new into graphic design. Since my first day I felt that graphic design would become a problem.

I already worked with styles.xml, color.xml, etc. to change application style, and I made various simple drawables out of shapes like rects to make simple variation to the standard looking widgets.

The last thing I tried to do is to make a vector shape, a trapezoid, to insert it as background drawable to a TextView, but I found it darn impossible to make that shape.

Can you link me some tutorials for beginners (that are not something like how-to-change-text-color-in-xml level) or guides or even books if you know some?

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Use a vector image editor to create the required shape, and save as SVG. Inkscape is free, so try that.

  1. Draw a rectangle using the Rectangle tool F4

  2. Click Path > Object to path Shift+Ctrl+C

  3. Use the Select by Nodes tool F2 to move the corner nodes as required. After clicking on a node, holding down Shift+Ctrl as you drag will constrain the move horizontally/vertically.

  4. Set the object fill and stroke colour as required in the Fill and Stroke panel Shift+Ctrl+F

  5. Click File > Save as - and choose "Plain SVG" as the file type.

Then you could convert it to Android Drawable XML using Android Studio's Vector Asset functionality.

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