Ok, so Ive imported a path from illustrator into AE and made it 3d, so I have this -

enter image description here

What I want is an outlined version, but of the extruded path. This is rough, but like this:

enter image description here

Dynamic while it is spinning. Is this possible without significant hacking in AE? Or better to use a 3d program?

  • I'd say bring in a proper 3D asset for greatest flexibility. Oct 22, 2019 at 21:40

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If I understand correctly you imported a 2D shape from Illustrator that just looks like a 3D shape. Right now it's as good as a bitmap for what you want; you can't extrude it or rotate it since it's essentially a flat image in a fixed 2D projection.

If you want that to spin (like a cog spinning on its own axis) you need a front view of the cog, extruded in a 3D program then imported to AE. Or you can use Cinema 4D Lite (that is included with AE CC) to create your object. Here's a video tutorial, essentially you'll use the Pen tool > Cogwheel then Extrude it. From there you can delete the front face and tweak the material to get the proper shading.


The extrusion that After Effects creates via the Geometry Options settings, doesn't really have a wireframe geometry that could be rendered in the way you need it. You will need to create the extruded element in a 3D software and then import it, as Luciano already proposed, and continue with that.

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