I am creating a Halloween drawing and I am creating a pumpkin right now. I have a main layer with background and inside a pumpkin layer and inside a many pumpkin layers, now I want to select only that layer which I am pointing at. I know shortcut from Adobe Xd program which is: CMD + Left Click and it ignores parent/children dependiences. Can I do this in Illustrator too ?enter image description here


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I'm afraid I don't understand. (no clue "that I am point at" indicates. I see no "pointing")

In your screenshot there is only one object selected.

Only the <Compound Path> is selected. This is noted by the outline around the circle on the right.

The red square indicators are there as a visual indicator of where the selection is located in the stacking order. The color squares will show for the hierarchy necessary to get to the selection.. but the colored squares do not indicate actual selection - they are merely visual cues.

Imagine if the layer stacking were all collapsed.... the red squares would tell you which layer the selection is on, then which group the selection is in, then where the actual selection is located.

If you are asking how to only select a single object like this, that is what the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) is for. The Direct Selection tool will select object while ignoring any groups or nested construction.

If you are seeking to be able to edit only that group, you can, by default, double-click with the Selection Tool (Black arrow) and enter Isolation Mode which will restrict editing to the group active in that mode. (Double-click again off of the artwork, or ESC, to exit Isolation Mode)

  • Yeah that isolation mode I was looking for and of course Direct Selection :) Many thanks Oct 24, 2019 at 18:25

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