Is sRGB black (i.e. color where all components are zero) the same color as Apple P3 black on an iPhone screen?

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    Most likely no, as sRGB does not do a terribly good job of defining black other than how many photons it may emit. Often systems like this just assume black is perfect on encoding and then may or may not compensate for this. Cinemas offcourse can afford more uniform equipment so they might do this. But most likely in eiher case be same as sRGB as not even sRGB is same as sRGB – joojaa Nov 7 at 18:12
  • That said this is almost certainly outof scope for graphic design. – joojaa Nov 7 at 18:16
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    Apple P3 is not the same as DCI P3. Safe how? – joojaa Nov 8 at 5:12
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    The abswer is that the color is not the same across two iphone screens. – joojaa Nov 8 at 10:41
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    Alos note that is color the same is a wastly differet question to wether it feels same. Basically you dont get to control the system and the surrondings they are used in in a way that can guarantee either of these things. – joojaa Nov 8 at 10:48

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