I am working on an image in gimp that has multiple layers.

I just added a new layer, and am now observing some odd behavior.

I have three layers, A , B , C. C is the newly created layer.

For some reason, on layers B and C, I can not manipulate the pixels with any of the tools. For example I can not fill, or paint with paintbrush, or erase with the eraser. There is not X cursor, or any kind of cursor indicating that I can not perform the operation.

On Layer A, I can manipulate pixels, but only the non-transparent pixels.

I am not sure what more pertinent info I can give about the current image/configuration.

What could be causing the described scenario?

  • Check the alpha channel lock is not engaged on the layers you are trying to edit. – Billy Kerr Nov 8 at 19:59
  • I can confirm that I have checked that, it is not the problem. – ScottF Nov 8 at 21:24
  • Check the brush mode is set to normal, the layer blending modes are set to normal, a contrasting foreground colour is chosen, brush opacity is 100%, all layer blending modes set to normal, Brush Dynamics set to off, layers above may be hiding layers below . . . etc, etc. The list of possible problems is almost endless. It's hard to answer this definitively, except by making guesses. – Billy Kerr Nov 8 at 21:42

For A check the alpha-lock.

enter image description here

For B and C, check the pixel lock.

enter image description here

See here for details.

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