Working with GIMP I need to use the grid. It is aligned on the top-left corner of the image, but I need it to be centered, splitting the incomplete squares on both the sides. I tried with Image > Configure Grid..., but it only allows me to manually set an offset value. How can I make GIMP automatically center the grid?

Update: I need the tools to snap to the grid, so a rendered one is not good for me.


Without doing maths

  • Create a layer which is at least one grid step higher/wider than the canvas
  • Render the grid on it
  • Move the layer to center it
  • Layer>Layer to image size to crop the excess.
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  • Sorry, I forgot to specify why I need the grid (just updated) - I want to use it like a "guide" for the tools to snap to, so rendering to the layer doesn't fit for me. Anyway, how do I render the grid? – Ntakwetet Nov 10 '19 at 14:15
  • @Ntakwetet Filters > Render > Pattern > Grid - yeah a rendered grid won't help if you need snap to grid, since it's just an image. – Billy Kerr Nov 10 '19 at 14:22

As far as I know, there's no automatic way to centre the grid, since it would depend on the size of the grid, and the size of the canvas. I suppose one could write or find a script/extension for this, but I don't know of one. However, it's easy enough to work out the required offset using some simple arithmetic

For the sake of an example, suppose you have a square grid that is 45px, and a canvas size that's 1920px wide. Note that you can find out the canvas size of your document by clicking Image > Canvas Size.

  • 1920/45=42.666 - so that's 42 grid squares, with the remainder being 0.666
  • 0.666*45 = 29.97, rounding up to the nearest pixel gives 30px
  • The horizontal offset you need is therefore 30/2 = 15px

You could also do the same calculations for the height of the canvas to work out the required vertical offset if you also need it centred vertically.

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There is a script to render a grid as a path, and you can use View>Snap to active path to have the path act as a guide. But you would also have to move the path afterwards to center it (Move tool in "Path" mode), since the script only takes an offset. The script is here.

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