I'm editing a woff font file using FontForge, and I would like to add a glyph for the unicode character 0xD835.

However the box for this character has 2 crosses, one for the glyph and one for the unicode char (while usually there is only 1 cross for the glyph), moreover its description in the top bar is "surrogate high, non private use" (what does this mean?), see images below

enter image description here

enter image description here

I tried copying a glyph from another character and pasting it into the 0xD835 box, obtaining this

enter image description here

but the character is not displaying when I use it.

Moreover, if I click on "glyph info" then FontForge crashes.

Is it possibile to solve the problem?


D835+DC4E = 1D44E, that is the first two are surrogate codes used in pair in the UTF-16 encoding to resolve a number greater than 16 bits.

So the proper way to add a glyph is to edit 1D44E, not D835 and/or DC4E.

Click on Encoding > Reencode > ISO 10646-1 (Unicode, Full). The list of glyphs is now much larger, search for 0x0001D44E and past there the glyph.

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