In a PowerPoint Presentation (which is later turned into a video), I want to use moving transition effects between the slides a lot. For instance:
1. Overview Slide: I show that there is a procedure A, B, and C. A has an arrow to the left, B an arrow downwards, C an arrow to the right.
*moving left, following the arrow of A*
2. I explain details of procedure A
*moving back right*
3. I am back to a slide identical to the Overview slide.
*moving downwards, following the arrow of B*
4. I explain details of procedure B
*moving back up*
...and so on.

However, some elements (such as the logo of the Institute in the corner) are on several slides and should keep their static position in the picture. If I put the logo on every slide, it moves with every transition. This happens regardless of whether I include the logo as a picture on each slide or as a watermark on the master slide.

I'd be very thankful for your suggestions.

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    Welcome on GD.SE, Tanja! Your question is pratically equal to this on superuser.com. You can also consider to post-process the video, adding later in overlay the Institute logo on the preferred fixed position, for example using FFmpeg or Avconv (see here or here). – Paolo Gibellini Nov 12 '19 at 17:18
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    Thank you for the nice words and for finding that! I had been googling quite a while already. So there is not really a convenient way within PP? I will try the suggestion of blending the logo out and in during each transition, or, if that looks too obvious, consider post-processing. Certain effects (like static background pictures) won't work like that, but I'll try to work with this. Again, thanks a lot - and if somebody has more ideas, I'd still be glad for suggestions! – Tanja Nov 12 '19 at 18:42
  • PowerPoint works fine for the presentations but perhaps is not the better tool to create animations. Have you consider to use an HTML5 animation? You can write it (minimal programming skills are needed) or use applications like Adobe Animate, GreenSock and others (see this and this). Or you can also use professional tools for the animations. – Paolo Gibellini Nov 13 '19 at 7:29

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