Can anyone share what the workflow would be for exporting multiple pngs of different layers using multiple color balance masks.

E.g I have a pixel face on one layer, followed by a layer for eyes and a layer for hair.

I have a color balance mask for the hair so I can make it brown/blonde/black etc. and another one for the eyes so I can make them blue/green/brown etc.

I'd like to export each layer separately and with each color as ultimately I will use some code to make random combinations and then I will have control over knowing what "features" each creation has - So I will obviously need some way of coming up with a naming convention as well.

Are there any good workflows for achieving this? Would I need to make a droplet?

I've only ever used photoshop for adhoc pieces rather than trying to batch something like this. Though I guess if I have to create everything manually then ultimately that's what I will have to do.

I should note I have access to creative cloud so this is with the latest version of photoshop 20.0.1 as of time of writing but in that same vein I have access to other programs from CC if they can help with this workflow.


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