so I have this problem with generating the normal map, when I generate the normal map, the faces on the ends have a kinda weird "S" shape. I generated the normal map using xnormal.

I tried baking the normal map in substance painter, Maya, and xnormal, but the problem seems to be in the low poly mesh's face normals because of using "soften edge". This is a part from my main model(battle tank), and lot of other faces on various other meshes have this problem, So do I have to manually paint that face's normal map? I am using this as a last resort because there are lot of objects in the scene that have this problem, It would be so time consuming. I would really appreciate if anyone who had faced this problem and figured out a solution would tell me. Also note that I tried "harden edge" and then baking normal map, but now the low poly had sharp edge lines as in "texture seam". I have one or other problem in all of the normals angle. All objects are gonna be using "soften edge". So I need the normal map to be correct with the low poly mesh being in "soften edge". Thanks in Advance. low poly and high poly

normal map

enter image description here

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