I'm seeing pink "X"'s all over in InDesign CS5. I know that usually when I see pink text it means a font is missing, but normally I see what the text is supposed to look like.

The context is I'm following a LinkedIn Learning tutorial on Print Book Design (https://www.linkedin.com/learning/designing-a-book-2) and it is great! Nigel French does a great job of breaking things down step-by-step. I'm in chapter 4 and I realized that these "exes" must not be a part of the tutorial.

I believe it probably has something to do with encoding, but I don't know enough about that kind of thing. Following the tutorial I imported the provided text file via "place" in InDesign (a public domain text version of "Treasure Island") and in the original file that was provided there are "O"'s (Ohhhs) with "grave" accents on them, one going left and one going right. Those characters are showing up in InDesign as the red/pink x's.

I want to find/replace those incorrect characters in a popular Windows text editor called NotePad++, but the only way to do that I can figure is to copy the symbol from the internet.

Perhaps I shouldn't post this ... it's about the pink squares (image frames?), and I posted about the weird "o" characters elsewhere already..

I apologize as I'm a little tired and may not be thinking clearly. Perhaps there is still some value to this question?

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