I am creating a very basic GIF file for an email graphic. The file consists of two text frames, a rule line, background color and an image that moves from left or right across the frame with a smooth transition.

The dimension of the file is supposed to be 600px wide. The length of the timeline is 5 seconds and is set to have 24fps.

When I export>save for web, the file size ends up being 833KB. I used a website to compress the file, which then made it 555KB. This maintains the quality and size of the image, but still seems to be too large of a file.

I have tried adjusting the size of the image, the frames per second, the amount of colors used in the export, transparency vs no transparency, also adjusted the dither option. But when I start messing with any of that it reduces the image quality and/or makes my smooth transition become choppy with the lower number FPS

Is this a normal file size for the GIF I am creating? Any recommendations on how to create this differently and have a smaller file size? How can I maintain the sharp quality image while saving at a smaller file size?

  • "Too large of a file" - too large for what? – superluminal Nov 25 '19 at 21:45

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