When I open a RAW NEF (Nikon) image in GIMP, the dialog says:

GIMP Message

Opening '/path/to/file/_DSC0001.NEF' failed: There is no RAW loader installed to open 'Raw Nikon' files.

GIMP currently supports these RAW loaders:
- darktable (http://www.darktable.org/), at least 1.7
- RawTherapee (http://rawtherapee.com/), at least 5.2

Please install one of them in order to load RAW files.

I installed DarkTable with:

brew cask install darktable

and have version installed. Now the user interface does not show that error message, so GIMP detected DarkTable.

If I open an NEF image in GIMP through the command-line, but it shows Opening /path/to/file/_DSC0001.NEF in the bottom bar and is still responsive. If I open it through the Open file dialog, the dialog remains open and the rest of the dialog is greyed out.

How can I make darktable work with GIMP?

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Actually, DarkTable works with GIMP, but is launched as a separate program in the background, which is why it seems that nothing happens. Close that program and GIMP then displays the image.


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