I managed to create a text following a wave pattern in After Effects using the CC Cylinder effect but I can't find how to replicate it in Illustrator. I tried the Map Art effect under the Extrude and Bevel effects but I don't know how to make the text repeat like in this still of the animation.
Does somebody know how to recreate this effect in Illustrator ?
Thank you !

enter image description here


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Make a path with a Zig Zag effect

zig zag

Extrude this path. Apply a Perspective number to make a distortion:


Make a Symbol with the text and edit the Extrude & Bevel Options from the Appearance Panel to apply it as a Map Art

  • Click the Map Art button
  • Choose the face surface at the top right options
  • Select the the text symbol
  • Scale it and rotate it if necessary
  • Check Invisible Geometry

Map Art

Duplicate the original extruded path, stroke it with white color and edit the Extrude & Bevel Options from the Appearance Panel to define the light settings:


Place it on top aligned with the extruded Map Art shape and change the Blend Mode to Multiply

enter image description here

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