I have a number of layers (hundreds) on a psd. I want to export each layer as a .png file, but I want each one to be the size of the canvas, but also to maintain it's current position in the psd.

At the moment I can select multiple layers and do "export as..." but then I have to manually resize each layer to be the size of the canvas. The trouble is every layer then becomes centred.

I need to maintain the position of each element as they're all varied sizes, but they are all related to an overall picture.

Ultimately it's a character builder and each layer is a part of a character. For instance there are multiple "hat" layers. Each hat however can be a different size and so is positioned slightly differently on the character. They're all positioned correctly on the PSD, but exporting ruins this positioning. I could address this in code in the final app, but it's making more work as I have to treat each hat as distinct rather than all as generic hats. Is there an easy way to do this in Photoshop?


Use File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files and make sure to deactivate Trim Layers. If you need transparency use PNG-24 as format.

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