Is it possible to measure the width of a word in some way? (via Javascript code, or a built-in software option)?


The only way I know is to:

  • Create a text frame. (Make sure that it has basic appearance without insets.)
  • Paste the word you want to measure into the text frame.
  • Press Ctrl / Cmd + Alt + C to Fit Frame to Content.
  • Read the width in the Transform panel.

This width includes a tiny space before and after the word which comes from the way the font was designed. If you want the exact width of the geometric shapes, use Type > Create Outlines instead of Fit Frame to Content.

Although a little hacky, this method can also be used in a script in the exact same way.


Easy way to do this would be to simply draw a line or box and take the measurements from the chosen rule of the line or box.

I'm sure an InDesign whizz will know a plugin for a rule, however this is my quick fix.

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