I've recently taken a liking to using typeface families (IBM Plex, etc.) due to the various conveniences (match well, consistent x-height, caps height, weight, etc.).

However, I'm missing a bunch of the features from more 'feature-rich' typefaces (e.g. Minion Pro). Specifically:

  • Serif and Sans typeface, bonus: teletype
  • Bold, italic, etc. in multiple weights (≥4, ≥6 idealy)
  • Bonus: slanted variant
  • Small caps
  • Old-style numerals
  • Bonus: common maths symbols
  • Bonus: symbols such as numero, ordinal superscripts...

I've tried doing the obvious (to me) searches on google and have ended up with a mountain of not-quite-what-i'm-looking-for results (i.e. pages on "web-safe fonts", "best fonts of all time", "what to look for in a typeface", etc.)

I'm hoping that the well-versed folks over here may be able to point me in some good directions :)


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I have two main recommendations. My top choice, although it only has regular and bold weights, is FF Nexus, which has everything you need with a sans, serif, slab and monospaced version. Collins use it for dictionaries, and flipping through the character set it seems to have everything you need, and a lot of goodies like numbers in circles and swashes. It really is a typeface where one purchase of the pro releases could last you a career, and it's on Adobe Fonts so you can use it there right now if you have a license. (It looks pricier on MyFonts than it is because for some reason the quoted family price is a purchase of both pro and standard releases–you can buy pro-only and it's less than half the price.) Second choice is Thesis from LucasFonts. Tons of weights and it's extraordinarily feature-complete with Vietnamese, Greek and Cyrillic, although it's not the cheapest option.

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    It is not the first time one of your answers feeds my reading list! Thanks!
    – curious
    Commented Dec 19, 2019 at 3:25

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