Advise a font that could be used to write a fairly wide inscription consisting of 3-4 words under a logo (listing of some components, for example, if it is a workshop logo). The final composition is in the shape of a rectangle with an aspect ratio of about 1:4. The font size for the inscription is much smaller than that used in the main logo.

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    This would depend entirely upon the logo itself and it's marketing goals. – Scott Dec 17 '19 at 18:36
  • If you can edit your question to include more details about your objectives, we'll be more likely to make good recommendations. As it stands, it's a shot in the dark. – curious Dec 18 '19 at 15:47

We love recommending fonts on here, but a bit of context would be nice. Do you want us to recommend you a font that's special and not everywhere, or are you on a tight budget? Should the font itself be narrow or wide? What mood do you want it to convey? Were you thinking the smaller text would be in all-caps, or lower-case? Do you have fonts you were considering, and if you rejected then why? I could imagine myself recommending (starting with some from top designers) Obviously, which has tons of weights and widths (that's the YouTube commercial, here's the main site), or as a serif Financier, say, or Caslon Doric Condensed.

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