I am really new to adobe illustrator. Was wondering if there are different types of text boxes available in illustrator. i.e something like a bubble text box. I am using Illustrator CS6

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No, they are not natively available in the software. My way of recreating a speech bubble goes by:

  1. Create a basic shape
  2. Create a curved tail with Pen Tool
  3. Use Pathfinder to merge both shapes into one
  4. Style it as preferred
  5. Add text box inside speech bubble

This tutorial explains it well: link

There are a bunch of tutorial and vector packs free on the internet. If you want them to always start and be natively available in Illustrator, you should use Symbols and Instances. You can find it under the Window menu. Have in mind that this will only work in your machine.

If you have Illustrator CC you can use Libraries which store your assets in the cloud for reusing wherever you have illustrator logged in. Very cool feature.


If you have Photoshop, you can copy a vector shape from the "Custom Shape Tool" library. There are a couple of text bubbles there. Read more at: https://www.photoshopessentials.com/basics/shapes/custom-shape-tool/

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