I think this somehow may be achieved using threshold, but I'm not sure enter image description here


The image you posted is really too small and low resolution to tell you much. There's a much higher res image here. https://f4.bcbits.com/img/a1340517609_10.jpg

If you desaturate it and do a levels adjustment then invert the image it looks somewhat like a line drawing, possibly with a photographic image of a face superimposed, that has been scanned and printed as a monochrome halftone.

enter image description here

That's about as much as I can tell. It's often difficult to work out what was done to an image without access to the original - so this is only a guess.

Reverse engineering this, you could find or make a line drawing, convert to greyscale mode, apply the colour halftone filter, then back to rgb colour mode, add an invert adjustment layer, then a hue-saturation adjustment layer, choose the colorize option, and adjust the hue until it's blue, reduce the lightness slider.

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