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It’s been months of searching, every site containing Japanese font don’t have it. It’s used in anime and anime movies, but today I saw it in a tv show.

  • I've tried searching for the font on myfonts.com/WhatTheFont but I couldn't find anything too similar. Maybe if you try it with a different image of higher quality and more contrast between the background and the font you should be able to find something that resembles it. – Cowboy_Patrick Jan 3 at 8:54

It's ニューシネマ B from Fontworks, manually slanted (Japanese fonts usually don't come with oblique). There's also ニューシネマ A which has more "orthodox" shapes, but if I don't see wrong, the glyphs have stencil cut-outs so that I can identify to the other.

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This kind of typeface is categorized as シネマフォント "cinema font", which emulates the lettering style of (traditional) movie subtitles, and habitually used in some storytelling scenes outside movies, too. Some are freely available.

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