This is an additional question to one which I had asked on UXSE for making the Badges inclusive by providing unique icons for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Badges.

Are there any universally accepted icons of the same?

  • If there were clear-cut, distinct, universal delineations, then you'd be able to tell a bronze badge from a gold one when presented by the various Stack Exchange sites ;-) To this day I cannot tell whether I won a bronze or gold without looking it up…</joke rant>
    – Tetsujin
    Jan 6, 2020 at 20:11

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A simple internet search will tell you no, there aren't universal icons for these 3 badges / tiers. Some will use stars, some will use coins, others will use other shapes depending on: context the icons are being used for, style, preference, etc.

The one (sort of) consistent element is color: yellow-ish for gold, some shade of gray for silver and a shade of orange for bronze.

enter image description here


Usually it's the same shape in different color. In real-life, it's the same object moulded from different material and the same logic applies to the icons. There's no distinct gold badge shape and so on.

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