I have created new toolbar (Tools -> customization -> command bars -> i created new tool and drop the icons there). With the new toolbar i have add the regular tools which need. No hairline, Hairline, 0.5, 1 hairline. But in between 0.5 & 1 i want to have a 0.7 hairline that i use regular. I have to press f12 and with the mouse i have go click the hairline and with mouse i have change the figure 0.7. As it take much time. How can i have a hairline of 0.7 as default it has 0.5 & 1. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

  • Please specify the version of Coreldraw you are using
    – skygate
    Feb 2 '20 at 11:03

Deselect all objects (Esc or click nothing). Now press F12. The popup dialog will ask what defaults you want to change.

enter image description here

Leave 'Graphic' only then in the 'Outline Pen' dialog box change the line width to 0.7. From now on, all objects will be created with the outline of 0.7.

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