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How do I create this water-like line wave effect ( same as image above) using Adobe Illustrator

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Start by creating two lines with gradients applied to the stroke. In the gradient window use Apply gradient along stroke to orient the gradient correctly Two Lines with Gradients

Next select the blend tool and use it to blend the two lines. enter image description here

With the blend tool still selected hit enter to open the blend options dialogue. I think you'll find that specified distance works well, use the preview checkbox to adjust to your liking. enter image description here

Next draw a simple line representing the path you'd like your blend to follow. enter image description here

Finally select both your blend and the new path and go to Object > Blend > Replace Spline to align your blend to your new path. enter image description here

Hope this helps!


Using the Blend tool and Align to Page option applied to a blend


enter image description here

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