Ok, lets say I downloaded a font off a free font website. Urbanfonts.com for example. When I downloaded the font it has a “README” file attached. I open it, and it has its “conditions”. As for commercial use; I know i have to purchase each licensing separate,but what im not understanding is the use of the product. Say i use it on a banner, i change the color Put a shadow....would i need a licensing for it? Im not coping the font onto a file to share.im using it to type a few words or name.

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"Commercial use" means using the font as part of a design for anything which you are selling or otherwise profiting from, as in advertising or client work.

"Use" means use, it is not the same as "share".

So, yes. If you set type in the font, add a shadow, color it or whatever.. then save as a PDF/PNG.. and give that to a client in exchange for payment or post it as an advertisement on your social media page... yes, you are using the font commercially.


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