So I have this friend on Instagram who posts digital art (her Instagram is maegandawnsyiem, it's the first link that you see on Google), and I am so in love and fascinated by it. I really want to learn how to make similar works. I tried contacting her, but she is quite busy. I really like her type of artwork, and was wondering how do I get started with it? What types of tools she uses etc. Any tips are greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you can point me to courses on edX or Coursera etc., that would be great!

Thanks for the help! Cheers! :)

Edit: Her art - https://imgur.com/a/eex4BFq

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    Years of practice and familiarity with software.. No simple "course" is going to teach you enough. – Scott Jan 13 at 18:08

You will find some content related to her work by searching for Raster Painting.

Keep in mind that that is they beauty of art, she is using all her knowledge and inspiration to create this artwork. It is not as easy to recreate.


Take away the digital part there. A computer is just the medium, and while you would need to learn the technique in the end to produce this type of art with digital tools, the primary skills you need are those that apply to all types of visual art/painting. Namely, you need to learn to observe shape, light, color, texture, and then, by whatever means, capture that on a surface

Something like this Udemy Course might be a good starting point.

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